Interesting Facts About Shipping and Freight

Did you know this about freight forwarding and shipping?

You may not have thought about it, but a vast proportion of the goods you use in your home will have been brought to you via the oceans. Shipping is a vital part of transporting freight, and without the massive fleets of container and cargo ships that are constantly traversing the seas, we would not have access to many of the items we take for granted. In fact, according to, freight forwarding and shipping professionals often carry hundreds of thousands of tons of goods every day!

China, for example, is just about the biggest exporter of goods – of all types – in the world, and most of that produced in China for export use gets to its destination by sea. Shipping companies represent a genuine lifeline for each and every one of us, and the many ports across the world have never been busier.

What do you know about the freight and shipping industry? Let’s talk about some impressive facts that may not have crossed your mind.

Amazing Info

Did you know, for example, that your average container ship will cover a distance equivalent to three-quarters of the way to the moon and back in just one year? Have a moment to think about that – it’s a long, long way! Also, are you aware that the very largest ships can cost more than $200million just to build? Imagine what it costs to run one!

It is a fact that shipping remains one of the oldest forms of transporting goods around, but also one of the most important. There are no bridges across the vast oceans – remember, two-thirds of the Earth is covered in water – and we need a way to get things from one place to another.

It is also worth knowing that the workforce employed across the globe in the shipping and freight industry amounts to some 1.5million people; that’s a lot of people in jobs because we need new goods!

An Astonishing Industry

There is some controversy regarding the greenhouse gas emissions of the shipping industry, and it is very high, but research and development into ever-more efficient ships is ongoing, with great success. For the record, Germany, Japan and Greece are the countries that control the most tonnage in terms of shipping fleets.

If you consider that, as you are reading this, there are around 20million containers currently in transit across the world, it is clear to see just how important this form of freight carrying is to the general day to day life of us all. Those containers carry everything from electrical goods to toys, through cars and general household items, and we really cannot do without them.

From the few facts we’ve given you here, it is clear to see that the shipping industry is among the most important in the world. Without the fleet of cargo and container ships traversing the world all the time, things would come rapidly to a halt. Remember the hard-working men and women of the sea-going force next time you buy something in your local shop that came from overseas, as the chances are it came by sea!