Important Tools You Need for Tree Removal and Tree Trimming

Tools You Need for Tree Trimming

Without the right equipment, the only tools you will need for tree trimming are a rabbit’s foot and a four-leaf clover – because you will be out luck! Cutting down branches can be dangerous even if the job seems small. Here we will cover the two main groups of necessary equipment: protection and tools.

Protection first

Guard your face with gardening goggles and painters mask.

These are necessary in protecting your eyes, mouth and nose. Any arborist will tell you these sensitive areas generate a powerful magnetic force for flying debris, whipping branches, and clouds of dust and dirt. These plants have a way of attacking when your guard is down – so do not leave your face gear at home, and do not remove them until off-site. Safety is the number one priority in any home/garden project, and any tree service company will tell you that it is critical both professionally and not.

Shield your body and limbs with tough gloves, long sleeves, and a thick jacket.

Leather gloves are your best bet, as they will last long and allow you to tackle overgrown thickets and bushes. Be sure your gloves fit so you can manipulate your tools while guarding against cuts and scrapes.

Your long sleeves and jacket go beyond protecting limbs and torso from whipping sticker bushes, it will act as armor against dangerous plants like stinging nettle and poison ivy or oak. Wearing full body protection can finally guard against the sun on those long summer days, not to mention the bugs whose homes might be disturbed.

Tools you need for tree trimming

Start with the basics – trimming loppers and shears.

Trimming loppers are designed to tackle branches at least one inch thick, with the bigger shear able to take on the larger plant foe. Opposite this, after you have done the lopping, it is time for shears. Trimming shears will help smooth out the small protrusions left over from the loppers work, and you will use these solely on flowers, or smaller delicate jobs.

Both shears and loppers are designed with crooks for reaching at angles, and easy to grip handles. Remember to measure first on the bigger jobs, and consult your hardware store professional on the best plan for large jobs or tight spaces.

A cart, wagon, or wood chipper and bags.

No matter the size of the job, it will end with massacred plant life scattered about. With big projects, renting a wood chipper will make removal much simpler. On a regular or small gig, a wheelbarrow, cart, or wagon will suffice.

For more on trimming, check out how the pros do it!

While there’s a lot to tree trimming, the tools of the trade are pretty simple. Stay protected and use the basic tools.