3 Tips for Getting Rid of Snow

How to Get Rid of Snow Effectively During Winter

On average, Boise (and other surrounding areas in Idaho) gets an estimated 31 inches of snow every year. This means that the potential for slip and fall accidents, inaccessibility to the home or workplace, and cars slipping becomes much more prevalent. In this post, we will discuss 3 tips that every homeowner should know when it comes to safe and effective snow removal.

Buying a Quality Snow Blower

When it comes to snow blowers, there are a few different options to consider. Each has its own pros and cons but, most importantly, they all have different levels of snow they can handle. For example, a three-stage gas blower is ideal for heavy snow up to two feet, while an electric blower is ideal for light snow up to 6 inches. Since Idaho tends to get heavy dense snow, a three-stage gas blower would be most ideal. In terms of selecting a model, it is important to take features, reviews and budget into account. For more information on snow blower models, as well as reviews, we suggest checking out Snow Blower Guides.

Utilizing Driveway/Sidewalk Salt

This one is a bit controversial. Rock salt is one of the most common deicing agents and is poured when snow first starts to fall. It is usually applied on driveways and sidewalks, and melts snow as it makes contact. However, rock salt can do significant damage to asphalt and concrete, and can wear down your driveway or sidewalk over time. This can result in costly damage down the line, but its effectiveness cannot be denied. If you want to avoid damage to your property (as well as irritating salt stains) you can use a number of other mixtures that accomplish essentially the same thing. These mixtures include sand and salt mixtures, cat litter, and more.

Snow Shoveling

Shoveling is one of the oldest methods homeowners have used to remove snow. While it may seem simple, it is important to hold proper form to avoid lower back problems. Modern technology has helped with this problem however, and there are a variety of ergonomic shovels that will help you lift more snow, move greater quantities, and help you avoid back issues.

Staying Safe

Snow removal aside, it is important to stay safe once the snow starts falling. Don’t drive if you don’t have to during heavy snowfalls, always be aware of ice and the potential to slip and fall, and adhere to travel bans unless there is an emergency.